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Block B to appear on pilot episode of ‘Survival King’

Fans will be glad to see Block B back on TV through the upcoming pilot episode of ‘Survival King‘!

On March 1st, Zico, Jaehyo, and P.O. will be appearing on MBC Everyone’s brand new show program ‘Survival King’. The three members challenged the show’s first mission, “Survive without Light”, while being filmed by a hidden camera.

The mission was the pass by electric bars through the dark, although in truth, there were no electric bars as only sounds of electric currents made. Since the members of Block B had no idea, it is reported that the boys could not even take a step as their hands shook in fear.

After the mission, Zico was asked the question, Without what would you have the hardest time surviving?”, to which he answered, I don’t think I could survive without the love of my fans”, and expressed his love for the fans.


Block B’s P.O. hospitalized, Shock from Suicide Petition

Block B member P.O. has been admitted to a university hospital on February 24th. Born on 1993, P.O. just graduated from high school last month and is Block B’s youngest member.

Recently Block B has faced a controversy due to an interview in Thailand and have been receiving criticism from netizens. They released an apology video and team leader Zico has shaved his head in remorse, but the wrath of some fans has not died down.

After the controversy erupted, P.O. has been in a state of panic in the past week and has received a huge shock from a suicide petition held by some rash netizens. During the broadcasting of MnetMCountDown”, P.O. participated in the pre-recording, but was not present at the live broadcasting, raising curiosity from the viewers.

Regarding P.O.’s hospitalization, Block B’s agency BrandNewStardom stated, “It is true that P.O. is currently hospitalized. It seems that he received a huge shock due to the recent controversy, but we don’t have an exact diagnosis yet,” avoiding an exact response.


Block B’s P.O becomes suddenly ill while filming ‘Death Camp 24 Hours’

Idol group Block B member P.O suddenly became ill on the set of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Death Camp 24 Hours‘, causing the shoot to unexpectedly come to a halt.

While shooting the episode of ‘Death Camp’ scheduled to air December 20th, P.O completed his first mission and on his way to the second, all color drained from his face and he seemed to be exhausted. He ceased the shoot, cancelled the rest of his scheduled events for the day and returned to his dorm.

His sudden sickness concerned the staff and cast members alike, as P.O possesses the strongest physical stamina of everyone on set. P.O is not one to irresponsibly stage a sickness to get out of a shoot, and the staff believe he consumed all his energy by running for a few hours straight.

P.O remembered to send text messages to his seniors and staff members, apologizing for inconveniencing them.


Block B’s P.O. joins ‘Death Camp 24 Hours’ with rising anticipations [111114]

A new rookie idol member will be making his emergence on MBC Every1’s variety program, “Death Camp 24 Hours”.

The seven member team, which is also comprised of MC Ji Suk Jin, competes against each other in various complex missions and obstacles for ‘24 hours of death’ with charity donations on the line.

Fixed member Hanyoung was unable to attend the recording scheduled on November 11th due to an overseas schedule. To fill his place, producers have enlisted the help of a new rookie idol member.

Block B’s P.O. joined the members for the day’s recording. Not only is he the only teen on the panel, but he also earned the jealousy of the other male members, especially Ji Suk Jin, for his cute looks that could rival any girl group.


[CYWORLD] 110927 P.O.’s Cyworld Diary Update

Kyungie hyung, I love and respect you. Really, there’s no hyung like you. Kyungie hyung is the best.



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P.O. Said….

Photo update:

경이형도 안놀아주고

태일이형도 안놀아주고 심심하요!



Kyungie hyung won’t play with me

Taeil hyung won’t play with me, I’m bored!

faweiufjkefiafe noomaaaaang



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P.O. & Kyung – Strong [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

[AUDIO] P.O. & Kyung – Strong [DOWNLOAD]

[CAFE UPDATE] 110819 Kyung

I made “Strong” for the last mini-concert of Match Up!
A lot of people wanted to hear it so I’m uploading it for you as a present.
The download option was available but not anymore because it was limited to 100.
I want to upload the file for you but I don’t know how..
The people that were able to download it, please share!
(BBCs, I love you guys, even if you call me cucumber..)



110817 Match Up Ep. 8 Kyung & P.O. – Strong


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[INTERVIEW] 10asia (P.O.)

My name is P.O. My real name is Pyo Jihoon. I am in charge of the endless charisma rap in Block B.  I was born on February 2nd, 1993. I’m currently attending Hanlim Entertainment and Arts High School.

Ever since my first year of junior high, I wanted to be a rapper. And in order to go to an arts school, I learned acting as a specialty. If the opportunity comes, I want to act too. But after going on more music programs!

During junior high, I caused…a lot of trouble. In high school, I went out a lot. My friends and I would come up with ideas and put up 15 minute-long skits on stage. Although we would spend 2 months without much sleep, it was something we wanted to do so it was fun.


ZIPO in Love <3

[PIC] MTV Match Up EP.08


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P.O Diary update

Our leader is jjang!

Leader kita jjang!

Block B jjang…. ^__^

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