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Se7en unveils the jacket photos for his new Japanese single, ‘Love Again’

Singer Se7en has released the jacket photos from his single album ahead of his Japanese debut.


13 members of YG Family on Strong Heart Confirmed


13 members of YG Entertainment will be on SBS‘s variety show “Strong Heart“, including Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, and Gummy.

On the 5th, SBS confirmed to OSEN through a phone call saying All of Big Bang and 2NE1’s members, along with Se7en, Tablo, Psy, and Gummy have been confirmed to feature on ‘Strong Heart‘.”

They also said As a YG Special, there will be many new and truthful stories and episodes that have happened within the company.

Furthermore Strong Heart-YG Special‘ will be filmed on the 15th, and released on the 27th and 3rd of April, broken into two episodes.”


Se7en Gets Asked, “YG or JYP?” and His Answer Is…

Singer Se7en was a guest on “Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio” and gave many laughs through his witty remarks.

Se7en, who recently made his comeback, was a guest on “Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio” on February 10. He was asked the question, “Do you like YG or do you like JYP?”

The DJ’s Sungmin and Ryeowook asked Se7en, “When your contract with YG ends, are you going to go to JYP? Which company do you like better?” At that question, Se7en humorously answered, “SM,” sending much laughs among the studio.

Se7en’s new track, “When I Can’t Sing,” was written by JYP, who doesn’t really give songs to singers in other agencies. Se7en, who is part of YG, may have felt uncomfortable with the question that the DJ’s asked but he replied in a witty and comical way.

Who is the best ‘Valentine’s Day Star Couple’?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means chocolate exchanges, romantic dinners, and flower bouquets for couples in love. Naturally, this includes celebrity couples as well, and netizens became curious to see which couple would stand out the most.

Music site ‘Monkey3‘ is famous for conducting online surveys, and they decided to hold another one in light of the upcoming holiday.

From February 2nd to the 8th, participants were asked, Which star couple would make Valentine’s Day shine the most?”

The top recipient was none other than Se7en and Park Han Byul!  The couple have been going out for 10 years, and so they collected 35 percent of the total votes, bumping off all other competitors.


Se7en talks about T.O.P and Rain on Wide Entertainment

Se7en has been making his promotional rounds on various music programs since his successful return to the music scene with the Park Jin Young-produced single When I Can′t Sing, and no topic was off limits when he recently sat down with Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News.

The singer appeared on the February 9 broadcast of the show ahead of his M Countdown comeback on the same day where he revealed which YG artist he thought was the most handsome and talked about his relationship with singer Rain.

When asked whom he considered to be the most handsome artist in his agency, Se7en responded, “I personally like the way I look. I personally like my face.”

However, in the end, he decided to give first place to T.O.P, citing the Big Bang rapper’s “charismatic gaze” as one of his reasons.


Se7en talks about T.O.P and thinks J.Y. Park is adorable?

Singer Se7en who recently released a new song produced by J.Y Park sat down to conduct an interview with SBS TV‘s ‘Midnight TV Entertainment‘.

On the episode that aired on February 8th, Se7en, who has made a comeback for the first time in a year and six months revealed the true personality of Big Bang‘s T.O.P.

When T.O.P comes out on TV, he looks extremely fierce and charismatic,” he said. But behind the scenes, he has so much aegyo.”

Further in the interview he shared his thoughts on producer J.Y. Park. J.Y. Park is 12 years older than I am so I don’t know if I’m allowed to say things like this, but, he is really adorable,” he said.


Se7en to hold a fan signing event in celebration of his new album

On February 10th, Se7en will be holding a fan signing event at the Yeongdeungpo-gu Time Square to meet his fans.

Se7en’s title track for his new mini-album, “When I Can’t Sing“, hit number one on various charts as soon as its release and proved his timeless worth. On February 5th, Se7en performed his comeback stage for SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and showcased a special performance, receiving widely positive feedback from viewers, netizens and fans.

Se7en put in a special effort for the new album as his personally programmed a promotion called “LUCKY DAYZ”. “LUCKY DAYZ” is a line up of various events for Se7en to reach his fans, and on last Sunday, Se7en went on a movie date with his fans as a part of the promotion program. This particular fan signing event was also requested by Se7en as for him to reach his fans a bit closer.

Se7en’s “LUCKY DAYZ” events will be continuing. On February 17th, Se7en will be traveling to Busan to meet his fans in the South and spend quality time.


Se7en Answers Seven Questions!

JYP is just as hard to please.”

YG artist, Se7en, has held hands with JYP for his recent comeback. The result? Sizzling. His new song, “When I Can’t Sing,” has debuted in first place in various music charts. Seoul Newspaper asked Se7en, seven questions.

Q1. How did you come to work with JYP?

A: I really liked it (the song)

Since long ago, (Park) Jin Young hyung and I am very close, so as a joke we always said, “lets work together.” A while ago, I had a chance to see him again with Yang (Hyun Suk) CEO and (Park Jin Young) played this song for us to listen. After hearing that it has been made a year ago, I thought, “I really like it and want to sing this song.” After choosing the title song, I started working on my album.


Se7en, “I am proud of Big Bang and 2NE1, who are my motivation”

Se7en is proud of the groups which can represent the Republic of Korea, Big Bang and 2NE1. He also regards them as his motivation and in this interview, his special affection towards these groups is shown.

Enews has recently conducted an interview with Se7en, he said, “the development of Big Bang and 2NE1 is good, they are the groups that I like very much. I am really proud of these friends.” As one of the representative singers of YG Entertainment, Se7en is a witness of the growth of his juniors, Big Bang and 2NE1.

He continued, “In fact, I am glad that Big Bang and 2NE1 are my juniors and I like them. I always bear them in mind. If my favorite brothers and sisters come back but something bad happens to them, I will be very sad. I hope more good things can happen to them. Now, these friends have climbed to the top spots of the showbiz. Thanks for this, I always prepare myself well because I need to work harder in order to show that I am a great brother to them.”

He concluded, “It can be said that I failed in doing my activities in America; however, it was also an opportunity for me to learn how to be self-independent and responsible. I have become more matured during this period of time so now, I am a little bit more proud when being with my juniors. For Big Bang and 2NE1, it seems that I am their hyung.”


Se7en Interview: Transformation from a Boy into a Man

(This article is a translation of Se7en’s interview with enews24)

It appeared that Se7en would always be a boy, however now he is nearing his thirties. He is a man who now has ease of mind and confidence.

Se7en started off by saying, “When I checked the music charts I was so happy. I am just thankful that people have not forgotten me, because it has been a long time since I returned to the music scene.”

Se7en stated that the moment he heard JYP’s song, he felt like it would do well.


Big Bang G-Dragon Is Wearing Women’s Clothes on “When I Can’t Sing” MV

Big Bang’s G-Dragon appeared as a cameo in the music video for “When I Can’t Sing.” It appears that the clothes that G-Dragon is wearing in the brief scene are actually women’s clothes!


Stars show their support for SE7EN’s comeback

SE7EN released his new mini-album and “When I Can’t Sing” music video earlier today.

Upon the video’s release, SE7EN tweeted,

Se7en new album [When I can’t sing] Music video OPEN!!! Everybody RT plz!!!

SE7EN’s call for support was answered as stars began to send in their messages and retweets of support.


Se7en reveals the tracklist for his new mini-album

After releasing the teaser for his new song, “When I Can’t Sing“, earlier this evening, Se7en continued to roll out his promotions by unveiling the full tracklist for his new album!

On January 29th, Se7en tweeted an image containing the names of all six tracks on his mini-album. The names of the tracks are:

01. “Somebody Else”
02. “Angel”
03. “When I Can’t Sing”
04. “That Person”
05. “Understand”
06. “Make Good Love”

Considering how the text for “When I Can’t Sing” was highlighted in white, it’s more than likely that this J.Y. Park-produced track will be Se7en’s main song.


How Did Se7en and JYP’s Collaboration Happen?



As we reported earlier, Se7en’s new album will be a collaboration between JYP and Se7en. Teasers were shown showing JYP playing the piano, then being joined by Se7en. Se7en also released the new mini album tracklist. This is the first time that JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment will be working together.



YG has fans buzzing over mysterious ‘February 1st’ post

YG Entertainment is famous for churning out numerous teasers that reveal frustratingly little. It looks like the conglomerate is at it once again, as they’ve just posted a mysterious date on their YG-Life blog!

On January 27th, the staff revealed a graphic that simply stated, “2012.02.01

The date immediately set off various rumors, as YG fans tried to puzzle out its significance.

Could it mean that Big Bang will release an actual video teaser on that date? Or does it pertain to Se7en, who’s slated to make his Korean comeback fairly soon?


Donghae, Kangta, Se7en and more to support judges on SBS ‘K-pop Star’

On December 25th, SBSK-pop Star‘ will feature a special panel of judges including HOT‘s Kangta, God‘s Kim Tae Woo, Se7en, Psy and Super Junior‘s Donghae.


Se7en announces mini-album release date

Se7en announced earlier this month that he planned to release a mini-album in Korea in January of next year.

On December 4th, the singer finally revealed the official date of his album release during the ‘YG Family Concert‘. He stated, My album comes out next month. Please listen and anticipate it.

Se7en then announced that the mini-album will be out on January 18th, 2012.

In related news, Se7en performed some of his past songs like “Come Back To Me” and “La La La” during the family concert. He also participated in joint stage performances with his hoobae and sunbae artists to perform a variety of hit songs, proving to all those attending that although he may have been on a long hiatus, he’s sure to deliver an exciting new work next month.


Source + Photo: Star News

by carolicity @ allkpop

Se7en congratulates 2NE1 on their ’2011 MAMA’ win

Singer Se7en recently congratulated fellow labelmates 2NE1 for nabbing the ‘Song of the Year‘ award at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

On November 30th, 2NE1′s Minzy tweeted, Thank you to everyone who loves our music!, to which Se7en replied, Congratulations 2NE1! Get a good rest and come back safely!!,” showing his support for the group.

Se7en also tweeted to Park Bom, Congrats Bom!! Have a good night and come back safely,”

Netizens commented, Of course, YG Family! It’s good to see that you guys are close“, “Congratulations 2NE1!“, and Oppa, you have to start activities again so you can sweep some awards too!“.


Se7en to release new mini-album in January 2012

Se7en will soon break his four-year hiatus from the Japanese music industry with a digital single called “Angel“.

On November 6th, Se7en held a fan meeting with 3,000 people at the Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo, during which he thanked his fans for their patience.

Se7en explained that “Angel” was inspired by his feelings of gratitude, and that he wanted to present something as a gift to those who waited for his return. “These past four years have felt so long for me, but I think it felt even longer for the fans. It’d be wonderful if I could meet with you all more often from now on,” he said.

He continued, “This coming January, I will release a new mini-album. In order to show you a variety of sides, I plan to include songs of many different styles.”


Se7en to release Japanese digital single “Angel” on November 9th

Se7en prepares for his upcoming promotions in Japan as details of his new digital single were released. Earlier today, it was confirmed that Se7en will release a digital single, “Angel”, on the 9th of November. This will mark Se7en’s return to the Japanese market, after four years of being inactive.

Se7en, T.O.P, Seungri visit G-Dragon at North Face shoot

G-Dragon’s schedule for a photo shoot went ahead as planned despite his recent scandal of smoking marijuana while in Japan. Apparently, there has been false information on the cancellation of his shoot with “The North Face” as he proceeded with the schedule as planned.

According to reports, the shoot finished by six in the evening and they immediately left the scene with care. YG Entertainment provided security as their vans blocked the front entrance of the area while G-Dragon went out at the back exit.

G-Dragon’s friends from YG Entertainment also paid a visit to support him on the ongoing turmoil. It was noted that Se7en, Big Bang’s TOP and Seungri as well as stylist Yang Seungho stayed with G-Dragon for the whole duration of the shoot.

One of the staff present in the shoot remarked that Se7en is like a brother to G-dragon and was revealed to have been able to brighten up the star with his visit. However, Yang Hyunsuk and other agency officials weren’t able to visit.

News source: Dispatch via Nate, Koreaboo

Shared by Vic @ bigbangupdates.com

Se7en to simultaneously release full length album in Japan and South Korea

Se7en is set to simultaneously release a full length album in South Korea and Japan in January next year. Previously announcing his plans for a Japanese comeback following the activities of GD&TOP, 2NE1 and Gummy, YG Entertainment finally confirms the result of their discussions.

On October 4th, YG Entertainment revealed that Se7en will be releasing a full length album at the beginning of next year in both Japan and South Korea. They also added that Se7en will release a digital single first in Japan by November.

They further explained that “Although we had planned to release a digital single in Korea and Japan at the same time in November, in order to meet fans with a more complete album, it has been decided that we will be releasing a full length album next year in both countries at the same time instead.”

By the end of their message, YG Entertainment revealed that the work on his upcoming Japanese release is currently taking place in South Korea.

Source: Osen and CeciliaSe7en

by ohgelie @ koreaboo.com

Taeyang’s cryptic tweet has the fans and even Se7en baffled

Fans are both curious and concerned for Big Bang’s Taeyang‘s cryptic message on Twitter.

Taeyang tweeted on the 1st, “You think I don’t know but I know everything. You think I’m being deceived but I’m only pretending to not know” and he didn’t leave any clues to whom he was sending the message to or why.

Taeyang’s senior colleague at YG, Seven replied to the tweet, “What’s wrong Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name) hey~ You and I should meet… let’s meet up next week!! ^^” and it seemed like he was trying to calm Taeyang down.

To add fuel to the fire Minji later retweeted with a simple message, “Ditto.”

Fans are making all sorts of speculations of what’s really going on in the conversation Taeyang and Seven had on twitter. Some have said, “Maybe the members of Big Bang are not getting along”, “Is it the season of autumn that’s causing him to be this way”, “Maybe it has something to do with the management company”, and all sorts of ifs and maybes were said.


Source: Nate
Translation by JJ @ kpopfever.com

Se7en to make first Japanese comeback in almost four years

On September 23rd, Se7en announced that he’ll be heading back to Japan for the first time in four years.

Speaking through Star News, representatives of YG Entertainment revealed, “Se7en will be releasing a new mini-album in Japan by the end of the year, and will kick off his promotions. Since it will be his first time back in a while, he is working very hard on his preparations.”

Se7en last released a Japanese work in 2007, and has since been in a hiatus from the market. He’ll be joined by labelmates 2NE1, GD&TOP, and Gummy, who are all preparing (or are already embarking) on promotions in Japan.

As expected, ‘YGEX‘ will be backing Se7en’s comeback.



Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop