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Block B to appear on pilot episode of ‘Survival King’

Fans will be glad to see Block B back on TV through the upcoming pilot episode of ‘Survival King‘!

On March 1st, Zico, Jaehyo, and P.O. will be appearing on MBC Everyone’s brand new show program ‘Survival King’. The three members challenged the show’s first mission, “Survive without Light”, while being filmed by a hidden camera.

The mission was the pass by electric bars through the dark, although in truth, there were no electric bars as only sounds of electric currents made. Since the members of Block B had no idea, it is reported that the boys could not even take a step as their hands shook in fear.

After the mission, Zico was asked the question, Without what would you have the hardest time surviving?”, to which he answered, I don’t think I could survive without the love of my fans”, and expressed his love for the fans.


Jaehyo Answers Why Block B Was Absent from Year End Award Shows

It is very curious as to why Block B’s presence was not seen in the year end shows. It’s not as though rookie groups were shunned from attending. MTV “Match Up” show-mates B1A4 and fellow rookie group Boyfriend were allowed to perform. Most would argue that Block B is just as talented as any other current rookie group. The boys on the block have even taken second place in Daum fancafe rankings for rookie groups in 2011. No doubt the boys are quite popular, though they unfortunately were unable to secure a spot. Despite it all the members continue to be a class act as they are modest and taking the blame upon themselves.

Recently, Block B’s Jaehyo addressed the issue by posting a message to his Twitter account. In his Tweet he expressed his own disappointment while he tried to comfort fans, “I will just close my eyes and cover my ears so I won’t see or hear anything. I hope that next year will be the year of Block B! See you all soon at Lotte World~”.

He continued, “I am truly sorry that we were unable to be on TV for the end of the year. Our fans are really the best and are always there to support us. It is because our performance has been lacking that this has happened. I am sorry. Next year, we will work even harder than before, so you will be able to see us at the end of the year shows!”

Block B is currently preparing for their comeback. According to leader Zico, the album will be released soon with in either January or February. What are your opinions on Block B?  Why do you feel Block B was overlooked by award shows?


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Block B Jaehyo – Drunken Truth [DOWNLOAD]

[AUDIO] Jaehyo – Drunken Truth [DOWNLOAD]

[CAFE] 110701 Jaehyo’s Cafe Post

Below my last gift(?) is a behind story about me recording the gift.

ㅋㅋㅋIt was so cringe-worthy I burst out laughing while I was recording,…
To be honest at first this was the song I intended to be the gift.. but it was so embarrassing I wasn’t going to upload it, but I did anyway.
Now I’m done with all the gifts. In the next album I’ll come with an improved image~~~


Yeah, I may just be drunk and this might be a mistake
When morning comes I might act like I don’t remember, be uncomfortable about it
But there are things I need to say tonight
I’m sorry I look so weak but don’t think my words are just a result of being drunk

Always when I stand in front of you, even if I’ve already planned it out
I end up saying the exact opposite. Then I turn around and regret it
But now I’ll confess, that I’ve loved you from the start

This is how I’ve been loving you, although my lame words sound corny and unbelievable
These are not words lightly said, it’s something that probably won’t happen twice
But as morning dawns on us, I’ll take you once again in my arms and tell you I love you



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Dream Team 2 (Jaehyo Cut)

[CLIP] 110918 Dream Team 2 (Jaehyo Cut) – He took second with 39.31 seconds.



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Kyung and Jaehyo chatting in fancafe

[FAN] Question for Park Kyung.  Speaking honestly, I bet you only look at cafe posts related to you, right? And Jaehyo oppa, I honestly think you’re the hottest in Block B (Park Kyung, close your eyes), but if you had to choose another idol hotter than you, who would you pick? ㅋㅋㅋ

[JAEHYO] Nichkhun!

[JAEHYO] Senior.

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] And Kyung wasn’t able to close his eyes so he gets his feelings hurt again.

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] And of course I look at posts related to me ㅋㅋ Isn’t that definite?

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] When will I have time to look at the posts about other members?

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] And what am I going to do by reading them anyway.. ㅎㅎ

[FAN] Would you rather be a cucumber or have an average/middle sized face?


[CUCUMBER KYUNG] I like cucumber better because

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] I’d rather be totally long than just something in the middle, you know?



[FAN] Question for Park Kyung/Jaehyo oppa.  If you two didn’t become singers, what do you think you would have pursued as a career?  I think Kyung oppa would’ve sold cucumbers.  I would’ve gone to his store every day to buy cucumbers.  Just joking.  I love Kyung oppa.  Don’t ignore me, ok?  Anyway, what would you have pursued?

[JAEHYO] I think either an elementary school teacher or open a restaurant.  

[JAEHYO] Probably.

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] A mathematician.

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] Hey, I’m good at studying, okay?


[CUCUMBER KYUNG] I used to go to a school for the gifteddd



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How Jaehyo spends his Chuseok…

[FAN] Ostrich oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lr1e2cra9j1qiff3t.gif

[JAEHYO] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was bored, but you made me burst out laughing ㅋㅋ

[FAN] Your dearest BBCs doing Freeze! today ㅎㅎ http://bit.ly/qgPxfn IMP7CT Have you seen it?

[JAEHYO] I think they dance better than me… Thank you ^^ I was watching the video and got goose bumps when I heard a few start screaming when Freeze! came on ㅋㅋ.. It’s a feeling I’m feeling for the first time since debut because I’m glad to see that there are fans overseas that follow along to our songs and like us..

[MTV PD] Did you eat delicious things?

[JAEHYO] ㅋㅋ.. I had a lot of fried octopus.. All of my friends are in the army. I came all the way to Busan but there’s nothing major happening over the holiday.. ㅠㅠ 

[FAN] Do you wanna see more images? http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lr1e2mYkbi1qiff3t.gif

[JAEHYO] ㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋ Ah, my belly button is going to fall off ㅋㅋ I’m flying around this time

[FAN] Oppa, you didn’t see this, right? ㅋㅋ http://zicorgasm.tumblr.com/post/8033524760

[JAEHYO] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I want to upload all of these ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[FAN_1] Laugh at this too.. Doesn’t it look exactly like Park Kyung? ㅋㅋㅋ Do you only laugh at your own pics?  http://twitpic.com/6jhia8

[JAEHYO] Our Kyungie is way more handsome than this. 

[FAN_2] Whoa… Member love… kind of surprised ㅋㅋㅋ

[JAEHYO] Why are you surprised? ㅋㅋ We’re always just joking towards each other. We can even share half a pea … nevermind, we don’t share food with each other ㅋㅋ But there’s probably no other idol group that’s as close as we are. 

[FAN] Oppa, je t’aime

[JAEHYO] aussi



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Jaehyo’s Flower Boys

Check it out the video below :


Jaehyo – 연습 (Practice) [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

::::::[AUDIO] Jaehyo – 연습 (Practice) [DOWNLOAD]


Tadada.  I think I recorded this two years ago two years ago in the early morning in the corner of my home.  It’s Rain senior’s song titled September 12 ^^  I recorded it with my laptop so the quality isn’t that great, but I’ll give it to you as a Chuseok present!  Oh yeah, you can upload this song anywhere; you can even give it to your grandmother and grandfather during Chuseok ㅋㅋㅋ. 

I’ll upload the file for you!  It’s a song that I sang while going through a lot of hardships during my training so it’s not anything top quality.  I just wanted to record something in the morning so I did it as a lightning song.  LIsten well!!  I’ll put up another song in about a week or two before we go to Japan.


In the face of break up

No one can be confident

I was like that too

I could only reply with my heart ripped to pieces

And my jaw clenched 

I said I’d do as you said 

I agreed to you coolly that we’d break up

I told you to find someone better than me

That’s what I said on the outside

But I cry as I wait for you 

If I wait for you on our bed with so many memories

You’ll open the door and come find me

Because you’re everything in my life 





(Source: cafe.daum.net)

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Jaehyo Cut at KBS2 Dream Team 110904


[DREAM TEAM] 110904 KBS2 Dream Team S2 – Jaehyo Cut

Credit: 지아씨오@Bestiz

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My name is Jaehyo, and my real name is Ahn Jaehyo.  I’m Block B’s sub-vocalist.  I was born on December 23rd, 1990, and I have a hyung two years older than me.  He’s currently taking a break, but he’s a law major at Sungkyunkwan University and likes Rainbow’s Woori senior.  He’s already served in the army so please find him a girlfriend~

At school, I think I was in the teacher’s room a lot more than my classroom.  I don’t know why, but my teachers tended to hate me.  I think it’s because I didn’t do my homework and went out with my friends instead of staying behind to study.

Since Busan is my hometown, I’m a Lotte Giants fan.  Unfortunately, none of the members watch baseball with me at the dorm so I’ll just watch it on my own through my laptop in the early morning.  I do sometimes tear up when I’m watching a particularly moving match.

11/08/14-15 Jaehyo abuse Twitter Kompilasi

[JAEHYO] Aku tanya Park Kyung apa pizza yang dia inginkan dan dia berkata apapun jadi aku bilang aku akan membawa kentang rumah. Dia berkata kembali, “Selain kentang.” Jadi aku mengatakan kepadanya untuk memilih apa yang dia ingin makan dan menyarankan Supreme, dan dia berkata, “Selain itu.” Aku pulang sekarang untuk merobek mulutnya terbuka…

[JAEHYO] Tapi Park Kyung tidak memiliki julukan ‘Strong Park Kyung’ jadi aku membawa pulang bacon cheese topping hanya dalam case. Aku khawatir bahwa itu akan berubah menjadi pizza jagung karena aku kalah oleh Park Kyung. (TN:. Ada lelucon di antara kfans bahwa Park Kyung lebih kuat daripada dia terlihat karena pre-debut lyrics-nya. Di Korea, kalimat, “Get the living day lights knocked out of you”, biasanya dinyatakan sebagai, “Kehilangan semua biji jagungmu.”)

[HANHAE untuk JAEHYO] You son of a, Kau tidak pernah meneleponku belakangan ini. Go die, die, die, die, die.




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110814 Mir mentions Zico/Jaehyo di ‘Starry Night’

Mir: Ah, jadi setelah on air, aku menerima mention dari Zico-ssi di Twitter. Aku menjawab dan semuanya dan itu sangat hebat sampai seseorang mengatakan kepadaku bahwa Jaehyo-ssi benar-benar telah memberi aku satu juga.

Younha: Ya, semua orang sudah menyebarkan di sekitar.

Mir: Tapi dengan kita, kita menerima setidaknya beberapa ratus menyebutkan pada suatu waktu sehingga kita tidak tahu sampai Anda memberitahu kami.

Mir: Bahkan dengan Zico-ssi, penggemar Block B mengatakan kepadaku bahwa dia mengirim mention dan itulah bagaimana aku tahu. Tapi tidak ada yang menceritakan tentang Jaehyo sehingga aku tidak pernah melihatnya. Aku benar-benar menyesal tentang itu.

Younha: Saya mendengar bahwa Jaehyo-ssi benar-benar tweeted dan dihapus lagi.

Mir: Anda membuat saya merasa lebih menyesal!

Younha: Bagaimana jika kau mengatakan sesuatu kepadanya di sini.

Mir: Jaehyo, aku benar-benar menyesal. Aku akan memastikan aku follow Anda dan tweet mention segera setelah aku pulang. Silakan balas aku.


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11/08/12 – 13 Jaehyo tweeting Semua Orang

[TAEWOON untuk JAEHYO] Hey!!! Follow back ^^~~~

[JAEHYO untuk TAEWOON] ㅋ ㅋSudah aku follow, melihatlah sekarang ㅋ ㅋ

[JAEHYO] ㅋ ㅋ Membuat kontak mata dengan produser dan staf nuna Show ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ http://t.co/mwSW5dI

[JAEHYO] ㅋ ㅋ Maaf aku mengeluarkannya tanpa creding .. karena aku benar-benar tidak suka mengambil selcas..jadi aku cenderung untuk mengeluarkan topi yang aku buat tanpa kredit

[JAEHYO] Sejak pertama kalinya dalam beberapa saat aku akan bertemu dengan orang tuaku, aku mengenakan tshirt explosively cute pink http: / / t.co/CPHsVf8

[Yumi untuk JAEHYO] Apakah kamu turun ke Busan?

[JAEHYO untuk Yumi] Tidak, orang tuaku di sini!
[JAEHYO untuk Mino] Kau Dimana?

[Mino untuk JAEHYO] aku berada di Nonhyun Samgyetang dan kami akan pergi setelah selesai makan ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ dimana kau, hyung?

[JAEHYO untuk Mino] Aku di tempat tidur atas di sebelah kiri ㅋ ㅋ Aku juga ingin samgyetang




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11/08/11-12 Kompilasi Tweet Jaehyo saat Zico Live Performance

[JAEHYO] Ini adalah persis seperti suasana keluarga kami saat itu. Aku menyimpan gambar ini dari internet dan aku pikir itu gambar paling indah yang pernah aku lihat baru-baru ini. http://twitpic.com/64snfx

[JAEHYO] Keluar foto lainku bekerja keras ㅋ ㅋ Berpikir lenganku akan meledak http://t.co/EhgDgTt

[JAEHYO] Sudah 2 bulan sejak aku tamasya. Dunia di luar yang aku temui adalah yang aku ingat hanya stasiun gas & panggung.

[JAEHYO] Aku berusaha untuk menjadi lucu dalam tweetku hari ini, mengapa semua orang .. ㅋ ㅋ Aku tidak membuat seseorang beruntung yang membutuhkan penghiburan ㅋ ㅋ Aku punya BBC jadi aku senang ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

[JAEHYO] Tidak bisa tidur jadi aku pindah ke dorm’s wifi zone asrama kami. Sebelumnya, tempat tidur Woo Jiho, tapi sekarang aku sudah memperluas untuk mencakup seluruh asrama. Sekarang ada wifi yang kuat untuk ruang sisi kanan, tempat tidur lantai dua. Aku sangat bangga pada diriku sendiri di pagi hari.




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11/08/07-08 Mir/Jaehyo/Zico Twitter Kompilasi

[Zico untuk MIR] Mir senior, terima kasih untuk berbicara tentang aku di radio ~ ~! Aku ingin menjadi dekat denganmu juga!

[JAEHYO] Chulyong (Mir), terima kasih untuk memainkan lagu kita di radio dan terima kasih atas waktu ketika kamu mengatakan “Apa yang kamu lakukan, sapaan yang nyaman” ketika aku membungkuk kepadamu dalam 90 derajat di stasiun penyiaran, tapi karena Zico yang disebutkan pertama, aku menjadi agak kesal … [TN:. Dia menghapus tweet ini]

[MIR untuk Zico] Hello, Zico-ssi~+_+ ㅋㅋㅋ Aku tidak bisa mengatakan satu kata di stasiun siaran ㅠ aku menontonmu ~! Mari kita lebih dekat ~+_+!!

[DOK2 untuk MIR, Zico] ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

[MIR untuk DOK2] kenapa, Mr. CEO ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ apa kita tidak cute? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[JAEHYO untuk MIR] Chulyong ah ~ ~ Ini Jaehyo




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Mir menyebutkan Zico (dan Jaehyo) pada Starry Night Radio

Apa yang disampaikan Mir tentang Zico dan Jaehyo????….

Younha: Sebelum kita masuk untuk jeda iklan, kita akan mendengarkan lagu yang diminta Mir.
Mir: Ya, aku ingin mendengarkan grup idola yang telah mulai menanjak baru-baru ini, Block B. lagu baru mereka Tell Them.
Younha: Ya Tell Them lagu baru Block B. Apakah kamu memiliki hubungan dengan mereka?
Mir: Tidak ada sama sekali, tapi aku benar-benar menyukai Zico. Dia benar-benar bagus saat nge-rap. Meskipun dia setahun lebih muda dariku, melihat dia melakukannya dengan baik, ada hal yang ingin aku pelajari dari dia dan aku ingin lebih dekat dengannya.
[Istirahat Komersial]
Younha: Ya, kita kembali dari mendengarkan Tell Them. Mir, aku mendengar bahwa kamu tahu Jaehyo.
Mir: Iya. Aku benar-benar lupa. Aku merasa menyesal.
Younha: Bagaimana kamu bisa melupakan seseorang seperti itu.
Mir: Ia menjadi peserta pelatihan untuk perusahaan kami dan kami berbicara dan bermain-main, tetapi aku lupa tentang itu aku merasa menyesal. Aku benar-benar menyesal. Kami benar-benar dekat. Maafkan aku.
Younha: Sampaikan kata-kata untuk Jaehyo disini.
Mir: Hi Jaehyo hyung, ini Chulyong. Maaf aku lupa, tapi aku tidak lupa tentangmu. Ketika aku melihamu di studio siaran, mari saling menyapa dengan bersahabat.


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