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AA to make a comeback in February

AA will be wrapping up their debut promotions this week and will go into a brief hiatus before they gear up for their next round!

The boys plan on making their comeback in February with an upgraded image. It’s been a long promotional cycle for AA, who   debuted in October with “Because I’m Crazy” and went on to perform remix versions for year-end shows. The boys received much attention for their professional stage manners and activism with charities.

Until their next comeback, they plan on focusing on individual activities, as they have been receiving offers from variety shows and dramas.

A representative stated on January 3rd, “They’ll be doing individual activities after concluding promotions for their ‘Because I’m Crazy’ debut. They’ll also be preparing for their mini-album comeback in February.”


Source + Photos: Newsen

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Rookie group ‘AA’ to release a mini-album in January

Rookie group AA has announced that they will be releasing a mini-album in January. They have reportedly collected 50 songs for review, and are in the process of carefully hand-selecting the track that will make their way onto the new album. The boys are also reportedly working on a song with famous Japanese producer, Daishi Dance.

An AA representative informed OSEN during a phone interview December 2nd, The members will be showing their fans a completely different side of them with this new mini-album. They are diligently going through each of the fifty songs.”

AA will release the mini-album in Korea and hold a fan meeting shortly thereafter. Afterwards, the members will begin to prepare for their official Japanese debut. The members are reportedly working out the final details on a contract with a major Japanese music label.

Daishi Dance who is currently working with the boys remarked, AA is different from other boy groups. They have their own unique style and their music is also popular. Their addictive and intense, masculine beats paired with their sexy choreography will be enough to capture the public,” expressing high expectations for the group.


AA shows off fan gifts + dorm

On November 21st, AA member Aoora posted a photo of the group’s dorm containing a bunch of gifts sent in from fans on his Twitter.

Along with the photo, the idol tweeted, Thank you for all the mentions today as well.  Let’s start a happy week. Aja aja“.

The picture has all members present including Woosang, Kimchi, Aoora, Juwon, and Hoik.  Based on the prominently displayed and well-stacked presents, you can see how well the boys cherish their fan gifts.  The boys teased fans with a cute pajama photo with their hands and feet raised high.

Fans commented, I can see the close friendship“,  ”Those pajamas look so adorable“, and AA fighting!.


Source + Photos: Osen

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AA thanks fans for supporting them at ‘Music Bank’

On November 19th, rookie groupAA thanked fans by sharing a new photo through their me2day.

They wrote, Thank you so much for today as well.  Despite the extremely cold weather, our loving fans came to support us.  We love you guys so much.  Please be careful of getting a cold.”

Members Woosang and Aoora were referring to the their latest stage on ’Music Bank‘, where they performed their debut song, “So Crazy“.

Netizens commented, Woosang looks like a statue“, “Those eyes….“, and It’s nice to see the friendship between you guys.”


AA’s Kimchi and Aoora holding hands?

AA members Kimchi and Aoora caused fans to melt over a new photo they shared through AA’s official me2day page.

On November 17th, the boys wrote, Each step together! Hand in hand. We just completed an interview and are off to our next location. What is everyone else up to right now?”

Fans gushed over the photo, especially since Aoora is the group’s oldest member and Kimchi is the youngest. Their color-coordinated outfits only added to the cuteness factor.

Netizens commented, Hyung takes good care of his dongseng“, “This is so cute, I can’t take it!”, and You guys are working hard ^^ Fighting!


AA apologizes for trolling on Music Bank

Aoora and Kimchi of new boy group AA received some flak yesterday for their behavior on KBS Music Bank.

The boys could be seen trolling –that is, making various gestures and faces– in the background while SNSD was being announced as the winner and also while MC Hyun Woo was giving his farewell speech on the show.

Earlier today, Aoora came out and formally apologized for their behavior on twitter. Aoora tweeted in English,

AA apologize for what we did in KBS music bank yesterday. We were immature and senseless being such a big stage with all senior artists… we’ve respected for all times… Especially, we AA bow our head in apology to 현우 선배님 (Hyun Woo sunbae) who have been greatest MC in Music Bank for a long time… AA regret and reflect for what we did and promise that we will show you decent behavior… AA will do our best not to disappoint somebody who have cared for us.”



AA’s Aoora discusses dropping out of school + his dramatic physical transformation

AA‘s Aoora is a multi-talented rookie who’s already received high praise from respected figures in the music industry, such asfamous Japanese composer and DJ, Daishi Dance. In addition to his great vocals and rapping, he also possesses the ability to write, compose, and produce his own songs. AA’s debut title track, “Because I’m Crazy”, is Aoora’s own work.

Aoora sat down with Newsen to discuss his past and the road he’s taken to follow his dream.“In high school, I was a model student and the president of my class. We weren’t well off so I studied even harder for my parents. However, I really wanted to do music,” he said.

He continued, “The school I went to had a system where if you don’t attend for 3 days in a row, you are automatically unenrolled from the school. I thought to myself that I have to take the road I want, and ripped up my school uniforms and stopped attending school. My teacher tried to persuade me and gave me 2 months to make my decision. However, in the end, I was unenrolled. I wanted to focus on my musical studies.”

Aoora’s affection for his parents were revealed when he stated, “It was then that I wanted to start helping out our household financially. I wanted to become a [music] producer in the future, so I started taking up part time jobs in the field of video-editing or music. My family is very supportive of me now. My mother was still upset about me dropping out of high school, so I took the GED and got into college.”


AA’s Kimchi : “At first I wasn’t too thrilled about my stage name…”

Without a doubt, member Kimchi is the one that most stands out from the five member rookie group AA.

With ‘Kimchi’ being the name of a traditional Korean side dish, it just doesn’t seem to pair well with the trendy ‘idol group’ image. What’s more interesting is that Kimchi’s birth name ‘Yoo Yae Hyanggi‘ is actually really unique and would probably be more advantageous for the image of an idol singer. When Kimchi’s name and photos were revealed on the internet, netizens wondered what the group was thinking when they decided on his stage name.

Kimchi revealed, There were actually two names that were being considered.” He continued, “Kimchi and Kkakdugi (another variation of the side dish). Both are hot and refreshing, and just like kimchi it’s a staple dish that represents Korea, the agency wanted me to become a singer that could represent the nation. After some debate, we decided to go with Kimchi.

The eldest member Aoora explained, They had the ‘kimchi’ idea even before we decided on all five members. They wanted a member to come in and take the stage name, and wanted to meet someone who would be the perfect fit. There were many that were taken in consideration, but he made the final cut.”


AA’s Woosang received strength from TVXQ’s Yunho

New boy group AA‘s Woosang stated that he received a lot of inspiration from TVXQ‘s Yunho.

Woosang recently revealed in an interview, “I’m in personal contact with Yunho. I went to a hair shop recently, and there were a lot of senior entertainers there. I greeted all my seniors and sat down intimidated, and when Yunho came, he introduced me to all the seniors.”

“Yunho asked all the seniors to watch over me, and I got a lot of strength from it. He’s a senior who knows loyalty.” Before his debut with AA, Woosang worked as a choreography director for groups like Shinhwa and TVXQ.


Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate

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Rookie group AA reveals the meaning behind their name + thoughts about their first performance

Over the past couple of days, we’ve been introducing the five members of AA, a rookie idol group who have yet to make their debut. The boys finally delivered their first performance at the ‘2011 K-Pop Super Concert‘, where they held a joint stage with labelmate Ha Ji Won.

The boys sat down for a short interview with OSEN after the concert and expressed their thoughts about their first performance.

They stated, “Although we were nervous about our first ever performance, we felt comforted by our sunbae, Ha Ji Won, going up on stage with us… Ha Ji Won sunbae told us to give it our all for our performance with her, and it gave us courage.” They continued, “We do have some regrets about our first performance, but we didn’t make any mistakes, so we are satisfied overall. Since we have a lot more opportunities to show everyone [our talents], we will do our best to put on a perfect performance.”

Although it was their first performance, AA put on a powerful show that made the audience go wild. They haven’t made their official debut yet, but they’re already receiving love calls from Japan thanks to their ability to produce their own songs, choreography, and wardrobe style.


New rookie group ‘AA’ reveals the rest of its members

Wellmade STAR M, the agency housing famous actors like Ha Ji Won, Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jung Won, and Lee Jong Suk, will be making their venture into the music industry by debuting their 5-member group, ‘AA‘ (“Double A“).


AA (Double A) member Aoora revealed to have had a solo debut as gn.E

With the group’s debut around the corner, people who are interested in the members are digging up information from everywhere. Just recently it’s been mentioned by international fans that AA member Aoora could be the same person as solo artist gn.E.

New rookie group ‘AA’ reveals its second member!

Wellmade STAR M, the agency housing famous actors like Ha Ji Won, Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jung Won, and Lee Jong Suk, will be making their venture into the music industry by debuting their 5-member group, ‘AA‘ (“Double A“).

After revealing their first member, Aoora, on October 18th, AA has followed up with their second member, Woosang.

Woosang, who will be turning 21 this year, is a talented member who’s in charge of vocals, rap, and choreography. Although it was reported earlier that Aoora was the leader for the group, Wellmade Entertainment explained that it’s actually Woosang who holds that title.

Wellmade Entertainment revealed, “Woosang is already famous among K-Pop fans for his experience as the choreography director of Korea’s top groups, such as Super Junior and CSJH. With his background as a choreography director, he’s gained much experience as well as skills over the years through many stage performances. He is a genius and a charismatic leader who will create the performances of AA and direct the stage formations himself.”


New rookie group ‘AA’ reveals its first member

Wellmade STAR M, the agency housing famous actors like Ha Ji Won, Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jung Won, and Lee Jong Suk, will be making their venture into the music industry by debuting their 5-member group, ‘AA‘ (“Double A“).

AA revealed their first member, Aoora, on October 18th. Aoora is rumored to be a talented vocalist and a rapper, who’s capable of composing and producing his own music. With his gentle smile and charisma, he will lead the group as the oldest member.

Wellmade Star M revealed, “As a dance major from the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Aoora possesses strong dance skills as well as vocal skills, and stage manners that were fine-tuned by his appearances in musicals and other performances. He is a member who will be able to deliver both visual and audible pleasure that will definitely satisfy the audience.”

It’s also known that the popular Japanese composer and DJ, Daishi Dance, expressed his interest in Aoora’s unique style and asked Aoora to collaborate with him.