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Archive for January 31, 2012

CNBLUE’s Minhyuk cast for a new drama?

It was revealed that CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk is currently in talks to join the cast of the new KBS weekend drama, ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly‘.


Block B reveals second MV teaser for “Nanrina”

The boys of Block B are readying to rock the industry with their comeback, and to build up the hype, they’ve unleashed their second music video teaser!


Big Bang reveals two more titles from upcoming album!

As promised, YG Entertainment is back with two new titles from Big Bang‘s upcoming album!


Who produced LEDApple’s new head banging single “Time is up”?

Earlier LEDAppler evealed MV teaser for their new single “Time is up“. With a head banging teaser track, fans have been wondering who produced the song and now the question has been answered.

Turns out hit maker ShinSaDong Tiger teamed up with G-Fla‘s guitarist/producer Jee In to create the song.

With an innovative MV that was directed by the movie director for ‘Test’, plus a fresh catchy sound, expectations are high for the release of their song.

A representative from their agency replied, “LEDApple is a hybrid, a mixed team that represents their genre. An electronic band style with a DJ and rappers, that will allow you to hear a different kind of music”.


T.O.P’s charismatic DJing photos revealed

Group Big Bang’s T.O.P‘s DJing images are making waves on the web.


Big Bang’s Taeyang displays jealousy towards Lee Michelle (120130)

Big Bang’s Taeyang displays his jealousy towards Lee Michelle, one of the contestants of K-POP Star, SBS’s weekend popular audition show.


FT Island and CN Blue Issue a Notice Regarding Their LA Concert

With news of FT Island and CN Blue’s “Stand Up by M Live” joint concert in Los Angeles, their first in the United States, both groups’ fans have anticipated and prepared to buy prime seats when tickets went on sale through Ticketmaster on January 28.


Eat Your Kimchi Reviews B.A.P’s “Warrior”

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed B.A.P‘s “Warrior” music video.

They thought that the group didn’t look like a rookie group as they were really comfortable in front of the camera and working together. Having a powerful, non cute boy, concept helped a lot as well.

While they usually think that random rapping in K-Pop songs doesn’t really fit in, the reverse was true for this time. The group is really good at rapping, but a singing part near the end did not fit too well with the rest of the song’s style.

Check out their full review!


CN Blue to Release “BLUESTORM” DVD on February 2

CN Blue continues to make waves across Asia! Following the success of their “BLUESTORM” Asia tour, the group will be releasing a DVD of the concert for fans to enjoy.


SHINee to Release Live Concert Album on February 1

On February 1 SHINee will release their live concert album. The album contains the music from their first concert. The album contains the live music from “SHINee THE 1st CONCERT SHINee World.” This concert was held on January 1-2 of 2011.

The album will be made up of two CDs which contain a total of 34 tracks. Among these tracks are new versions of “Juliet,” “Ring Ding Dong,” and “Lucifer.” The album also contains hit songs such as “Nuna You Are Too Pretty,” “You Are Like Air,” and “Hello.”

The album also contains the music from the solo performances of the members: Onew’s “Nessun Dorma,” Jonghyun’s “Girls,” Key’s “My First Kiss,” Minho’s “OMG” and Taemin’s “Boy Meets Girl.”

SHINee’s Key will be taking the stage for the Korean version of the Broadway musical “Catch Me if You Can,” that will open in Seoul on March 28 and will run until June.