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Girls’ Generation, KARA, TVXQ, 2PM, Jang Geun Suk, and B2ST awarded at 26th Japan Gold Disc Awards

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has announced the winners of “The 26th Japan Gold Disc Award” on January 27th, and many Korean artists were featured.


Big Bang Lotte Duty Free February 2012 Calendars (120127) [PHOTOS/DOWNLOAD]

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Big Bang Releases Two More Track List Info

Just moments ago, YG Entertainment updated their official blog with two more track titles for their upcoming album. The third and fourth tracks of the new album are titled “Love Dust” and “Bad Boy.”


BoM Heads to All-Girl High Schools

Rookie ballad group BoM has revealed that they will be holding a free concert at an all girls’ high school!

On January 27, officials of Y2Y Contents Company announced, “Students can sign their schools up if they want BoM to come perform at their school. Each week, we will be picking one special school to perform at for free.”

“We’ll be holding these free concerts from February to March. The concerts will be during the weekdays when the students are at school, and we will work our best to come to an agreement with the schools in advance,” the official continued.

Regarding expanding the idea, they also revealed, “We’re planning on collaborating with other charity organizations to be of any help we can. We hope that people will take an interest in our performances at these high schools.” 


Block B Releases Teaser Video for Comeback Mini Album

Block B has just released another teaser video for their comeback mini album, “Welcome to the Block.” The 15-second video titled “Nanrina” involves powerful beats and shows the swagger of each member, giving a glimpse into the type of music they’ll bring with their second mini album scheduled for release on February 2.


JYP Entertainment’s 9th auditions are in full swing

JYP Entertainment‘s 9th auditions are in full swing, and they’re attracting high levels of attention from the public.

After learning that ‘Dream High 2‘s actors JB and Jr. were contestants from the 5th auditions, trainee-hopefuls felt even more encouraged to try out for the agency.

JB and Jr. auditioned for JYP back in 2009, and they tied for first place as the overall winners of the 5th auditions. These two trainees gained much spotlight for their amazing dance skills as well as their cute looks.

The JYP auditions also scouted Wooyoung after he won 1st place in the 1st JYP auditions. Wooyoung has since joined 2PM and landed a major role as ‘Jason’ in ‘Dream High 1′.


YG has fans buzzing over mysterious ‘February 1st’ post

YG Entertainment is famous for churning out numerous teasers that reveal frustratingly little. It looks like the conglomerate is at it once again, as they’ve just posted a mysterious date on their YG-Life blog!

On January 27th, the staff revealed a graphic that simply stated, “2012.02.01

The date immediately set off various rumors, as YG fans tried to puzzle out its significance.

Could it mean that Big Bang will release an actual video teaser on that date? Or does it pertain to Se7en, who’s slated to make his Korean comeback fairly soon?