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The idol stars who will be graduating high school this month

It’s now February, which means it’s time for high school students in Korea to graduate, and the idols are no exception.

Idols born in 1993 and 1994 are preparing for their graduation, and so are the media and the fans who are planning to attend the ceremonies.

The first to graduate will be C-real leader Chemi who is currently a student at Chungdam High School in Seoul. Her graduation ceremony will take place on the 3rd, and she will be in attendance to receive her diploma.

On the 8th, KARA‘s maknae Jiyoung who is attending Muhak Girls’ High School in Seoul will also be in attendance to receive her diploma. As long as something new doesn’t pop up on her schedule, Jiyoung will be at the ceremony and plans to spend the day with her teachers and her friends.


B.A.P is determined to conquer the world with their music

Rookie boy group B.A.P made a powerful entrance into the music scene on January 26th with their new song, “Warrior“.

Although there are numerous new rookies arising in the industry, the boys seemed unfazed and performed on live stages without a glitch.

The members who have all colored their hair to platinum blonde met with OSEN on the 2nd for an interview. The group consists of Bang & Zelo who previously made their names known as a duo group, as well as Himchan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, and Jong Up. It’s rare for new rookies to draw large crowds at new events, but an impressive 3,000 fans were in attendance at their massive showcase that was held in Seoul on January 28th.

They say that we are a powerful new rookie group, and although it’s a bit burdensome, we will work to exceed your expectations. Our fame hasn’t really sunk in yet, but we do know that our fan cafe members are growing by the day, which we are utterly grateful for. Thank you so much. We currently have 2,000 members (laughs).” (Daehyun)


B.A.P’s Daehyun is cuter than a kitten

Fans of B.A.P‘s Daehyun have been trying to figure out who’s cuter after this photo was posted on the group’s official Facebook page.


Big Show 2012 in Japan Tour Dates & “ALIVE” Album Japanese Release Details announced

BIGSHOW 2012 IN JAPAN (Tentative Title)

・May 17 & 18 – Aichi Prefecture (Nippon Gaishi Hall)
・May 26 & 27 – Yokohama (Yokohama Arena)
・June 1 & 2 – Osaka (Osaka-jo Hall)
・June 16 & 17 – Saitama (Saitama Arena)
・June 23 & 34 – Fukuoka (Marine Messe)

Official Fanclub Ticket Sale: February 24 – March 5
More info will be announced in the fanclub page soon.


“Eye contact with T.O.P” photos create online buzz

Big Bang’s T.O.P, charismatic in sunglasses as if a cut from a pictorial

Pictures of Big Bang member T.O.P taken by a fan at the set of a CF are creating a buzz online.

Recently on an online community board, several pictures have been posted tagged as ‘T.O.P, you’re looking at me, right?”

Even though the pictures are taken by a fan, T.O.P exudes a feel like he’s in a pictorial. T.O.P may be wearing a pair of sunglasses, but his charisma takes over and it feels as if he’s making eye contact.


Big Bang to have their first comeback stage during their concert

It has been confirmed that Big Bang‘s 5th mini album “Alive” will be released this 29th of February. YG Entertainment has released the official tracklist of the album through their official blog and the last song revealed was a solo song from Daesung titled “Wings“.


G-Dragon opens up about past controversies in High Cut

Big Bang member G-Dragon showed off many facets to his facial expressions for the recent photo shoot for ‘High Cut’. Whether he is looking lovable holding a huge teddy bear or holds a dragon above his head for the year of the dragon, or is surrounded by sexy female models looking taken aback, G-Dragon’s presence shined through.

G-Dragon proved why he is referred to as a fashion icon utilizing various accessories in stylish ways.

At the set, Big Bang member Taeyang and Daesung made surprise appearances and said, “Please take good care of our Ji Yong.

During the interview that followed the photo shoot, G-Dragon commented regarding Big Bang’s activities in 2012, “I think we need to work harder than ever with the feeling of repaying grace.”


Se7en Interview: Transformation from a Boy into a Man

(This article is a translation of Se7en’s interview with enews24)

It appeared that Se7en would always be a boy, however now he is nearing his thirties. He is a man who now has ease of mind and confidence.

Se7en started off by saying, “When I checked the music charts I was so happy. I am just thankful that people have not forgotten me, because it has been a long time since I returned to the music scene.”

Se7en stated that the moment he heard JYP’s song, he felt like it would do well.