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Zico expresses his thoughts on Block B’s song bans

Block B held an exciting comeback showcase for their new mini-album, “Welcome to the Block“. The showcase was comprised of performances and interviews, and it was during a Q&A session that member Zico addressed the issue of their banned songs.

To recap, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) had banned several songs from their debut digital album. Additionally, two songs from their comeback album, “LOL” and “Did You or Did You Not“, were also banned by both the MOGEF and KBS.

Leader Zico, who produced the album, explained, “It’s not that we don’t consider the regulations when we’re producing the songs, but I did often think that our freedom of expression was being interrupted. Still, I do acknowledge that as as a producer that creates songs meant for the public, it was a shortcoming of mine to not have paid more attention to the regulations.”

He continued, “There still is that feeling of disappointment, but I’m not going to remain stubborn blindly. I’ll still try to protect Block B’s color; it’s just that since our music is meant for the public, I will try to consider aspects to their tastes.”


B2ST’s Junhyung to release his first solo song

B2ST‘s Junhyung will be releasing his first ever solo track since his debut!


LEDApple appoints new leader, Young Jun

Six-member boy group LEDApple have announced that they’ve appointed a new leader!

The leader of the group until now has been Hanbyul, who is currently a dental student at the University of Queensland in Australia. Hanbyul will now be passing the baton to Young Jun, who is of the same age.

Young Jun is the guitarist of the band, and he’s taken lessons from Kim Do Kyun as well as Zack Kim, a famous YouTube celebrity amongst guitarists who’s known to play two guitars with both hands simultaneously.

Although there have been member swaps in the past due to issues like mandatory military service, Young Jun has been with the band since the very beginning. He knows how to encourage his groupmates and has consistently shown leadership qualities.


Block B asks fans for their continued support

Boy group Block B who just returned with a new album remarked that they were nervous and excited.”

At a showcase that took place for their second mini-album ‘WELCOME TO THE BLOCK‘ in Seoul on February 1st, the boys remarked, We are making a comeback after a long six months. There are six songs total on the album, and we personally produced five of them.”

Our title song “Nanrina“ incorporates a synthesized blunt rhythm with groovy rap and vocals. The song is for everyone of all ages who enjoy hip hop,” they added.

They also explained the concept behind their title song. The title “Nanrina” (to cause commotion or pandemonium in Korean) was decided to represent how much commotion we would cause in the music industry once we make our comeback. We are so excited to stand on stage after being away for so long. We ask for your continued cheer and support.”


CNBLUE becomes the first Korean artist to play on ‘MTV Japan Unplugged’

Korean rock band CNBLUE recently made an appearance on MTV Japan‘s Unplugged, taking the title as the first ever Korean artist to appear on the show.

MTV Unplugged is a music program that features intimate, acoustic sets from world-class artists like Eric Clapton, Oasis and Mariah Carey. Japan’s own version of the program began its broadcast last July.

The boys played a 12-song set that included some of their Japanese hits like “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Try Again, Smile Again” and “Kimio”. In addition, the band also debuted the acoustic rendition for their Japanese major-label debut single, “In My Head”, as well as their newest number, “Where You Are”.

Aside from the boys’ flawless performance, CNBLUE made headlines with the number of ticket requests made for the show. Reportedly, they drew a whopping 15,000 applications from fans wishing to attend the show (MTV Unplugged Japan only accepts 150 attendees).


Which Idol Stars Were Voted Best Looking by Fellow Idols?

On this week’s episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” current idol group members got a chance to vote for their favorite-looking face among fellow idol stars.


Big Bang Album Release Date: February 29

YG Entertainment announced the release date of Big Bang’s new album (February 29) while also revealing Daesung’s solo track that will be on the album, “Wings.” They also announced that the new Big Bang album will have 7 tracks.


Big Bang G-Dragon Is Wearing Women’s Clothes on “When I Can’t Sing” MV

Big Bang’s G-Dragon appeared as a cameo in the music video for “When I Can’t Sing.” It appears that the clothes that G-Dragon is wearing in the brief scene are actually women’s clothes!