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INFINITE talks about their 1st place win & expanding into Japan

After working tirelessly to attain their place in the sun, INFINITE finally secured their first music program win on September 1st through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘. Experiencing a sudden surge of interest, the group decided that now was the right time to announce their plans of officially expanding into Japan.

INFINITE’s management told Star News on the 4th, “Even though promotions have not yet begun, the current reaction in Japan is positive,” and expressed their confidence by stating,“In the later half of this year with promotions going on in both Korea and Japan, INFINITE will be able to establish a color unique to them.”

INFINITE have already started to segue into Japan thanks to member L, who participated in the popular Japanese drama, ‘Jiu’. The drama has been recording high viewer ratings as well as extensive media coverage from Japan — the achievement is all the more noteworthy because the drama airs during the late Friday night time slot.


Saengil Chukkae 2PM

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T.O.P. Make G-Dragon Heartbreaker


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B2ST’s Hyun Seung sends birthday wishes to Seo In Young

In the MBCevery1 Idol Made show, MC Shin Bong Sun and Jung Ga Eun reveal that actress Seo In Young, who appeared in the SBS reality show Heroes with them, has the same birth day as B2ST’s Hyung Seung, on September 3.

Hyung Seung sends a video message to Seo In Young, saying, “Happy birthday! Since we were born on the same day, I hope we spend our birthdays together perhaps next year.”

The episode of Idol Made where Hyung Seung shyly wishes Seo happy birthday, will air on September 22 at 6:00 p.m.

On B2ST’s Hyung Seung’s 22nd birthday, the group members left birthday wishes on Twitter, and is attracting a lot of attention.


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G-Dragon and 2NE1’s CL Featured on MNet Wide [SUBBED]

The theme was “singers who should perform together/ form a unit or group together”

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Jung Hyung Don copies G-Dragon’s airport fashion

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In the September 3rd episode of Infinite Challenge, the cast members told Jung Hyung Don to wear his most fashionable clothes. What he wore was an outfit similar to what G-Dragon was seen wearing at the airport when Big Bang went to New Zealand for The North Face.

Credits: En.korea.com

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Jaehyo Cut at KBS2 Dream Team 110904


[DREAM TEAM] 110904 KBS2 Dream Team S2 – Jaehyo Cut

Credit: 지아씨오@Bestiz

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Kyung ( Many.R a.k.a miNimum, Mute) – Style [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

[AUDIO] Kyung ( Many.R a.k.a miNimum, Mute) – Style [DOWNLOAD]

[LYRICS] Kyung – Style

I run around back and forth because I can’t find a style
I’m lost again today because I can’t come up with a rhyme
I want to ride on my flow, use it as wings to make me fly
But I don’t make any improvements, it’s the same song all over again
And I’m filled with regrets

Stopping, going, doing, stopping, going
Everyone’s leaving with my boring rap
Even my vocalization isn’t stable, why can’t I admit that?
I admit it, that’s why I’m going to go practice more

Every day, I get criticized for my pronunciation
I want to fix it, too
I want to blame it on my tongue for the words that slip out the wrong way
I turn my head back to my roots
I’m going to make sure I find a deeper depth of understanding

I’ll overcome my slump, I’ll fly higher than everyone else
I’m going to keep walking one path to find my own style
I make this promise to myself
Because the answer lies in no one else but me



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